The Return of RunHelenRun

After an autumn of disappointing results, in the shadow of an amazing experience at my first ultra, a gruelling but very enjoyable 70 miles, it’s time to once again focus and make running my priority. So I have resurrected my biog, it’s been a while! I can’t promise that it will be the most interesting or insightful read, the reason is more self-indulgent than that – I need to be held accountable, with working long hours and the bad weather it’s far too tempting to go home, snuggle up with a cup of tea and ignore the training schedule stuck to the fridge in favour of something tasty out of the biscuit tin.

Unfortunately all the posts, product and race reviews from the original have vanished into the abyss thanks to a grumpy ex. So it’s time to start a fresh! A slightly daunting experience after the years I spent building up the old site, at least I know a little more this time round and won’t have to make…all of the same mistakes again!

If you were a follower of the original RunHelenRun here is a quick round of what’s happened over the last 12 months whilst I’ve been AWOL!

1, I left Mr Grump and found myself at a bit of a lose end stuck in Halifax, with all my friends back in Manchester and having just accepted the offer of a new job in Leeds.

2, I decided to take the plunge and move to Leeds, I didn’t know the city, I’d probably only visited the place oooh, three times and I knew no-one. Time for a new adventure!

3, Unfortunately I had to close Running With Me, the beginners running group I organised in Halifax, when I made the big move to Leeds last summer.

4, I met Jimbob, a crazy fell obsessed running geek, who after just a few months decided to move himself and an entire warehouse full of running, mountaineering and cycling gear into my once beautifully co-ordinated one bed flat.

5, We ran a 70 mile ultra-marathon in July, it was hot (during the day and FREEZING at night!), hard and one of the best things I have ever done!

6, I picked up quite a few niggles after the ultra, and ran my 6th marathon (2nd for 2015) in an almost personal worst time, the poor race results didn’t end there and after an autumn of bad running I knew I had to do something to break this running rut.

7, Jimbob and I decided we had outgrown our (my) little one bed in the centre of Leeds and made the decision to move out of the centre in search of better running routes and more space, which is where you find me now, sat in amongst boxes, procrastinating rather than unpacking!

Goals for 2016:

Marathon – GFA – Sub 3.45

Half Marathon – Sub 1.44

10km – Sub 44 minutes

5km sub 22 minutes

Please bear with me whilst I get the site looking pretty and here’s to a better 2016….!


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