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runhelenrun Mental Strength

Today’s run wasn’t particularly fast, in fact it was on average 30 second per mile slower than last time I ran that route just under a week ago! However it was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while, despite the driving rain, the blustery headwind, and the remnants of a hangover from this weeks drinking and late nights as the silly season starts to kick in.

Why was today so good? Because I didn’t give in. Far too many times recently I’ve given in when it’s gotten too hard or my speed hasn’t been what I had hoped for. Today in the face of adversity, the horrible hill on Selby road with a headwind trying to blow me back down, I managed to summon the mental strength I seem to have lost of late and made it to the top without stopping and having a paddy. A small victory but hopefully a bit of a break through.

I think a little bit of adversity can be a good thing sometimes, after the second time a medical professional told me to give up running and I probably wouldn’t be able to run again, on the build up to my first marathon, it only served to make me try harder.

I think the niggles and injures I’ve been struggling with recently are only part of the problem and a big part has been the injury to my mental strength and resilience. I used to think I was quite mentally strong as a runner perhaps the Ultra has done more damage than I realised! Running round a big circles for 19 hours continuously, who would have thought it..?!

Runhelenrun Manchester Marathon 2012Manchester Marathon 2012, 100 metres to to the finish line, 6 weeks after being told I wouldn’t run again.







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