Small Changes

Yesterday my training plan started for the races I have booked in for the start of 2016. It’s only 7 weeks to the Brass Monkey Half, 10 weeks to Dewsbury 10km, 15 weeks to Spend 20, 18 weeks to Wilmslow Half, and 20 WEEKS TO THE LONDON MARATHON!!! Eeeeeek

The first weeks are just about building my base mileage back up in preparation for starting to train for some of the longer events. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve consistently run over 25 miles per week!

The plan then consists of a mix of hill reps, speed intervals, a long run, which vary in distance as the weeks progress and recovery/easy miles.

w/c 7th December

4 x 4 easy miles with hills

1 x 6 ish miles commute home from work

1 x 4 mile Cross Country!!

Total target: 26 miles

Yesterday’s run, training run #1 went well, 4.5 steady miles in a big hilly loop around home. As steady as most of the run was, I managed to run my quickest KM on STRAVA (4.03) and my quickest half mile (3.00) by chasing Jim down Halton hill!  I didn’t get anywhere near close to catching home him but I’m now apparently I’m 6th quickest on the STRAVA segment – I don’t think that will last for very long!

Along with starting a new training plan it’s about time I re-look at my diet; Christmas isn’t really the best time to start a new nutritional plan but I want to start putting some small changes in place that will hopefully build up to show positive results.  I was a stone lighter last spring when I ran a PB at Manchester marathon of 3.51, so my aim is to lose a stone over the next 7 weeks (before Brass Monkey) but it’s not just about losing weight it’s about being healthier, stronger and having more energy to train harder and recover quicker.

I’ve decided to cut out my favourite two Christmas treats, Chocolate (with the exception of advent calendar chocolate) and CHEESE!!! Until 18th December when we visit Jim’s family for the first of our Christmas family celebrations. I’m already struggling with will power – there is a really nice piece of Blacksticks blue in the fridge…!


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