This week, mud, and moans


– I didn’t hit my goal mileage this week by quite a way – 50%

– I massively sucked at cross country,

Works mini regional pre Christmas party (before the big one in London on 21st) was a little more exciting than I had anticipated, leading to a hangover much more extreme than I anticipated! The party and then the hangover wiped two days off my training schedule!

I turned my ankle (AGAIN!) at a very muddy cross country today but as much as that slowed me down (my foot had slipped round in my shoe and I had to keep stopping to try and wiggle it back into place) I can’t use it as an excuse for being out of breathe and completely exhausted! I’ve come to the conclusion, I’m no where near as fit as I was 12 months ago and that after three very slow fell races and today’s cross country, my legs, particularly my ankles, are not strong enough to manage off road.  I’ve learned my lesson – No more off road until after the marathon. Hopefully over the summer I can build up to doing some more fell races but for now, they are off the cards.

I feel like I’ve taken a step back after this week; I’ve realised how far I have to go to get back to where I was, never mind where I want to be!! The possibility of any PBs next year seems very unlikely. Fairly disappointed in myself right now!

Okay, lets have a go at the positives;

– Despite the excess about of booze and the copious amounts of ‘make hangover better’ junk food, I managed to lose a whole pound this week.

– I ran a PB up the hellish Halton hill on Selby road, have the crown on Strava for the segment – Not expecting to have it for long! Which I guess considering the the first time I ran it 3 weeks ago I couldn’t get to the top without walking is a positive.

I have a long way to go if I want to get that good for age place at London next year but I suppose I’m not going to get there through moaning so I may as well shut up now!

I’ll write a proper report on XC when I’m in less of a mood!!

Runhelenrun starting out





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