Flash Back Friday 9th October 2012

Another old post from October 2012 – Written just a few days before the Liverpool marathon, trying to be positive when everything was going wrong and ignoring the physio’s advice about stopping long distance running. To add to my woes, shortly after this post, I also managed to get a cold and stomach bug in the last few days before the marathon! 

Lots of News 

It has been my intention for over a week now to write an update however there always seems to be something else that needs doing. The longer and longer I left it the more things happened that I wanted to write about. So here it is a capacious, long-overdue update!

London marathon 2013

Opening with the good news first… I have a place in the London Marathon on 21st April 2013. I’ve never been very patient and consequently I had my housemate checking the post from the moment I heard people had started to receive the ballot magazines. I’d convinced myself I wouldn’t be successful and I wouldn’t get a place, it was only my second year of trying, some people have tried for over five years and haven’t been successful however on the other hand there are a multitude of people who must get in on the first attempt…

I was very excited and exultant and… (I want another ‘e’ word for happy…) ecstatic! I had Ben check several times before rushing home to check for myself. I was delighted and happy danced around the kitchen a few times! I have booked the hotel, after much deliberation where would be best to stay. I’m all set, I just need to start training… or not stop after Liverpool. The realisation that I have signed up to do three marathons in twelve months is starting to dawn on me, the second of which is only days away….

My new Garmin also arrived on the same day!

Runhelenrun - VLM letter 2013

Liverpool October 14th

It’s only five days until race day, the last couple of weeks haven’t exactly gone to plan but then when does it ever? I can’t recall a time when I’ve ever written a pre race post about how prepared and confident I feel!

I’ve been having problems with my knees, after ending up a heap at the side of the road 18 miles in to a 20 mile run last week I decided it was probably time I went back to the physio… and it’s a good job to!. After 65 minutes of being pulling, bent, prodded, twisted and embarrassing being unable to stand on one leg with falling over, the conclusion was drawn that my trainers weren’t correcting my over pronation enough and my foot is rotating in my trainer causing a lot of the problems I’m experiencing with the mal tracking of my patella…. it is also causing mal alignment in my hip. The pain in the front of my ankle I’ve been ignoring for weeks? Turns out its tendinitis and the prognosis is it will only get worse. I didn’t go to the physio for problems though I went for a magic cure to get me through the marathon, £70 later I hope that is what I got.

Insoles – to correct the pronation in my left foot, painful and awkward moulded plastic thing in my trainers. In the long term this could help correct my knee and hip, in the short term it will buy me a few extra miles before my knee gives way. Apparently it takes up to three months to get used to them, I have a week! I ran 10 miles wearing them on Sunday, it felt strange, my knee still hurt but my ankles felt fine. I can imagine however that I will end up with some record breaking blister by the end of the marathon if I get that far! I think my targets and goals for time and pace will need to be adjusted, to what I’m not sure yet, I think it’s going to take quite a bit of consideration.

The bad news to which I’m trying to dwell on and think about until after Liverpool is the physio doesn’t think that marathon running is the way forward for me. He suggested after the London marathon I perhaps take up triathlon instead. Having not ridden a bike that wasn’t attached to the gym floor in over 4 years doesn’t make me feel confident that it is the solution for me, neither does the fact that the only time I’ve even been open water swimming with in Thailand and quite frankly I was terrified!

All focus currently is on Liverpool and that’s where it needs to be; the only thing I could do now is prepare the best I can, stretching twice a day as recommended by the physio, wearing my trainers as close to constantly as possible to get used to my insoles, I have a few months of getting used to them to cram into just a few days!  Eating correctly, sleeping well, and drinking lots of water. I’ve also starting reading a book about the use of NLP in sport which should hopefully help me to prepare mentally for the race. (I’ll tell you a little more about one once I’ve finished it but so far it’s really interesting) I’ve been eating beetroot for every meal and have purchased some beetroot shots to take on Friday, Saturday and Race day – They might not work, a colleague recommended I try them after watching a segment on The Food Hospital about how they can improve performance, I thought why not? If it’s good enough for Bradley Wiggins… The problem is they taste awful, yuck, yuck, yuck, I have to down them with a straw to avoid tasting it and I like beetroot! I’ve been taking my vitamins, having a mild panic every time somebody sneezes near me. I’m turning into a compulsively organised crazy person getting everything and everyone ready, from booking hotel to checking and triple checking train times, pre booking tickets, deciding where and what to eat the night before, what to take, where to meet….I still don’t feel prepared!



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