Training starts here!

So it begins… training started today with a session with my lovely running club St. Theresa’s A.C.  10 miles in total, if you include the run there and back, it was good to be out running with other people again! A great way to kick off marathon training!

It’s just 19 days to the Brass Monkey Half, 15 weeks to Wilmslow Half and 17 weeks to THE LONDON MARATHON!

Here are a few thoughts and aims for the up coming races!

The Brass monkey half – I’m using this race as a sort of a gauge as to where my fitness and running abilities are currently at. My half marathon PB is 1.46.46, set at Wilmslow April 2015, and my most recent half marathon race time is 1.48 which I ran injured just before Yorkshire Marathon. I don’t expect to run a new PB at The Brass Monkey but it would be nice to come in under 1.47.59

Dewsbury 10km/Spen 20/ Hull 20 These races are to be used as supported training runs/confidence builders. My 10km PB is currently 45.25, set at the Abbey Dash in 2013! My most recent 10km time is a very disappointing 48.43, I wont have been training specifically for a 10km and wont have been doing the same speed work sessions that I would be if the 10km was my ‘A’ race however I’d like to hopefully run under 47.29 as a confidence builder, a little reassurance that my training is going in the right direction and then focus on that 10km PB in the summer/Autumn.

Spen 20/Hull 20 are all about the supported long runs! Making sure I get those all important long runs done for London and having the company and drinks support of a race. My time at Spen 20 last year was 2.59.01 and I’d like to aim for under 2.50 this year, which works out at 8.30 minutes miles! I came through 20 miles in 02:49:47 at Manchester Marathon however Manchester is a lot flatter that Spen! In order to hit my aim of Good For Age at London (currently 3.45) I would need to get to 20 miles in under 2 hours 51 minutes and be able to complete the last 6.2 miles at the same pace. Hull will be all about finishing and testing out race day nutrition and hydration strategies with it being just a week after Spen! I’d be happy to get round in approx 3 hours.

Wilmslow Half Marathon – This is one of my ‘A’ races. I’m hoping for a PB at Wilmslow. The aim would be so come in sub 1.44.59 taking just less than 2 minutes off my current PB set at this race last year.

LONDON MARATHON – This is my 2016 goal race. I want to get a GFA time of under 3.44.59 which means maintaining sub 8.30 minute miles for 26.2 miles! Wilmslow will be used to help decide on my target pace and time.


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