Long Run Sundays are back!

Last Sunday saw the return of long run Sundays, 13.3 miles in the wind and rain! A true spring marathon training run!

The plan was to run the 9 mile loop up to Garforth, that I ran a few weeks ago but  in the opposite direction. To make it a little longer I added in part of my usual route at the start and end. I really didn’t think it through properly. The route up to Garforth was hilly enough without me going and adding another two hills to the start and one to the end! Oops!

I was just three miles in and my pace was already bit slower than I would have liked, with the 1st 5 km done in just over 25 minutes. I was just in the middle of trying to convince myself that it didn’t matter and that the first cycle of my training plan  was all about building endurance rather than pace,  when a car came speeding down the road and swerved deliberately to go right through the giant puddle by the curb inches away from where I was jogging along arguing with myself. I was covered head to toe in dirty puddle water, unfortunately I also happened to have my mouth open at the time…yuck

I was dripping wet through. I could have wrung the water out of my running jacket.  I was in shock, all I could think to do was stick two figures up at the driver and storm on down the road fuelled by the adrenaline, resulting in a slightly quicker mile 4!

This run really was turning into a proper spring marathon training run, not just a test of endurance but a good chance to practise some mental strength and determination. Dripping wet and freezing cold 3 miles into a 13 mile run was not ideal!

Just after my drenching the lovely Jess and Mark drove past me on their way back from cross country, it took me a minute to shake off my mood and resist my first instinct to dive out of the way to avoid another soaking before I realise who was waving madly at me in the approaching van.This lifted my spirits, if only to have someone to validate the blog post that I was writing in my head about the nasty black car that soaked me completely 3 miles in!

The next mile or so was down a country lane leading to a VERY VERY muddy farm track, deciding I was already as wet as I could be, I just waded right through the middle, not really considering the fact that in another 15 minutes I would be running down Garforth high street caked in mud looking positively wild!

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, running past the sports centre reminded my of the Leeds Country Way, I was very grateful to be running in the opposite direction down the hill this time.

That was more or less the mid point and the furthest away from home the route was going to take me.  The rest of the run would just be about hanging on in there on the roller-coaster ups and downs of York road.

I was almost home (but not dry!), just about to start the final 2 miles of my run on my usually route when it happened again! How unlucky can one person be?  This time I learnt my lesson, thankfully my mouth was closed as the tidal wave of puddle water crashed over me.

The horrible hill on Selby run was the final straw, I ended up having a paddy, pausing my watch and stomping up the last half of it. Trust that to be the moment I was spotted again by a fellow club member. Typical. I restarted the watch and dragged my soggy wet self  the last half a mile home.

After almost being refused entry into my own home I had to strip off at the door, kit straight in the washing machine, Helen straight in the shower!

Runhelenrun Long Run Sunday





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