Temple Newsam Ten: A marshal’s point of view

Marshalling for the TNT race this weekend was a brilliant insight into the hard work that goes in to all events. I don’t think until you have volunteered you can really understand how much hard work and effort goes in. From parkrun every Saturday to the big events with 1000’s runners They all take time and lovely people to make them run smoothly.

So much thought, planning and hard work went into The inaugural St. Theresa’s  A.C. Temple Newsam Ten and it really showed on the day. As marshals we were really well looked after and organised by Paul the Head marshal and all our section leaders. We all had marshal vests which had been specially printed for the day and extra thought had also gone to providing us with foil ponchos to help keep the bad weather at bay!

There are so many reviews, positive comments and thanks on the St. Theresa’s A.C Facebook group and the Temple Newsam Ten event page from runners praising the organisation, the marshals, the course and the goody bags. I thought as a marshal, it was my turn to say thank you to you, the runners. I only played a very small part in a big event, however for me it was it was everyone who turned up on the day despite the horrific weather we had last week, that made the event as amazing as it was. An event like TNT can’t happen without months and months of planning, love and dedication from the organisers but it wouldn’t be a race if nobody entered or turned up!

Whenever I take part in a race as a runner or go along to parkrun on a Saturday morning, I try to acknowledge the marshals along the route; people who have given up their time to stand in what is often horrible weather, directing runners, cheering everyone on and helping to ensure runner’s safety. A nod, a wave or smile and breathing/panting permitting, a thank you! However I was still completely amazed by the number of runners on Sunday who ran past my marshalling point waving, smiling and shouting thank you to us!

My favourite part of the day was handing out the goody bags, seeing all the relieved, exhausted, muddy but happy and accomplished faces crossing the finish line and wobbling over to us!

Thank you to the St. Theresa’s A.C Temple Newsam Ten team and all the runners for making my day as a marshal easy, rewarding and enjoyable.

Unfortunately I was having such a good time on the day I forgot to take any of my own photos! However there are lots and lots of photos on the event page, if you want to have  look at see if you can spot yourself! Here are a few I pinched from the club page… (credit to all the photographers!)

TNT FB event Page

St Theresa’s A.C Facebook page


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