Over doing it..

After the success last week at the Brass Monkey Half marathon the weekend previous, I think I must have thought I was invincible when planning the weekend just gone. My training plan said an easy parkrun on Saturday and 18 miles easy long run on Sunday. That’s not what I did….

On Saturday I decided to run to parkrun, why walk when you can run in half the time? 3.1 miles soon became 6.4 miles. Just a few hours later I was trying to balance on one leg at Yoga.

Yoga can help to improve flexibility and strength which can be very beneficial to running.  There are many varieties of yoga from Hatha which focuses on breathing and can be used to help with relaxation and stress and Kundalini which is a more spiritual experience (neither of these are particularly my cup of tea!) to Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga (my favourite!) which are much more physically demanding, they are more about strength, movement, balance and endurance.

The class I have started going to on a Saturday afternoon is Ashtanga, it’s great but hard work! This type of yoga really shouldn’t be under estimated, I was hot and sweaty by the end of the class and certainly felt it the next day! When I woke up on Sunday morning I had DOMs in every part of me! Particularly my arms and shoulders which I’m been neglecting quite a lot in the gym recently!

Not an ideal way to start a long run…heavy legs and arms and core and even my toes had a work out! The plan for today’s long run was 9 miles up to Golden Arce park where some of the club would be running cross country and then 9 miles back home. The route I had picked to get there was not very sensible, I didn’t really know where I was going and it was hilly – over 600 ft of ascent and I had to cross some quite major roads. I managed to get very lost on the way there – over half an hours’ worth of pausing the watch to try and figure out where the heck I was!

The way back didn’t go too well either! A change in route meant that we didn’t get the advantage of running down all the ups I had to climb on the way out. The route back also involved a lot of running on muddy grass which my legs struggle to cope with now at the best of times never mind when they have been tortured by yoga than made to run over 8 miles up hill!

We were just making the decision to stop the watch and scale back the run to a gentle jog/walk/chat home when there was a huge bang on the road next to us. A car had driven into the car in front, instinct kicked in and we sprinted over to the cars to help. A hour later or so later the police said we could go home and the long run was well and truly over for this week!

The mileage for this week and next is a little scaled back with Dewsbury 10k the following weekend, I’m not too sure what possessed me to book a 10km in the middle of marathon training but ah well, my number has arrived now so I might as well give it ago. The week after the 10km the mileage builds back up again with an 18 mile run, back down to 16 the week after then back up to my first of 3 20 mile runs.

There are 86 days until the marathon, 12 and half weeks, 8 more long runs, 1 half marathon race and a taper to go. I’m panicking that I haven’t done enough, that I would want to be further on than I am, that the quality of the runs I have done is hasn’t been good enough. It’s only taken one bad weekend to wipe off the positive thoughts and confidence built off the back of the race the weekend before.

runhelenrun 86 days!


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