A quick marathon training update

Running with DVT

After a long 3 weeks out from marathon training because of a blood clot in my left calf, on Thursday I was given the go ahead to start training again. I had done a few sneaky short runs home from work earlier in the week but now I was officially allowed to start training again and racking the miles back up. Woohoo!

I didn’t waste much time from finding out I can get back at it, to going out for my first long run in weeks; 12 miles steady miles with Jim. The first few miles were fine, nice and steady, chatting as we ran down the backroads/ off road route from Cross Gates to Garforth, making sneaky plans to potentially run another ultra this summer now I had the go ahead to continue distance running.

The last 8 miles however were tough, running through Garforth town centre then along the main roads back into Cross Gates, then looping round to get the extra miles in. It was a distance and a pace that I would have previously found relative easy, but it was really hard work and exhausting.

The side effects from the tablets I am taking to reduce the clotting ability of my blood and prevent further clots from forming, are tiredness and fatigue. Whilst the clot is still in my calf, my left leg will fatigue quicker than my right as the blood supply will be reduced. Aside from this it’s only my lack of fitness after 3 weeks without being able to run or exercise that’s holding me back from running London.

There are one and a half months/ 7 and a half weeks/ 53 days/ 1280 hours until the London Marathon and I’m massively behind schedule. A week on Sunday I have the first of two 20 miles races on consecutive weekends and the most I have run in 4 weeks is a stop/start 12 miles. I’m not convinced I’ve 100% resolved the injuries/issues I was having with my ankle last autumn, the lacking of running just means I haven’t noticed it in a while!

I was really optimistic about this year’s marathon; training had been going really well, starting off the year with a substantial PB at the Brass Monkey half. I had high hopes of smashing my Good For Age goal of 3.45 at London; which makes this all the more frustrating.

I will be completing the London Marathon this year; I will be crossing the finish line, I’m just not sure how long it will take me! If it was a different marathon I think I would defer my place but the hotel is booked, the trains are booked and there are 10,000’s of people that would have loved to have run this year but couldn’t get a place. I’m doing it.

I just need to keep thinking positively, I’m back running. It could have been worse, the verdict could have been that I had to stop distance running altogether. I’m looking forward to running again and hopefully getting back on form soon.

Runhelenrun Stronger


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