Marathon update: 45 days to go

After a very low mileage week, last weekend saw the longest run I’ve done since finding out about having DVT – 16 miles in 2 hours 20 – c.8.45 minute miles…however I do feel like I cheated a little…

On Sunday I escaped the unavoidable hills and elevation of East Leeds and ran my long run, along the very flat Blackpool promenade, a part from a few near misses with wobbly toddlers on bikes and an extendible dog lead, it’s a relatively obstacle free ‘easy’ route. The wind did make an appearance for the miles heading out North away from home which probably balances out some the lack of elevation.

I enjoyed the run much more than I expected to, the sun was out and for most of the route – once I passed the busiest stretch between South Shore and North pier, I could zone out, listen to my music and plod along. I tried to find a comparable run from this time last year, training for Manchester Marathon (3.51) to see how it compared pace wise but couldn’t find anything – perhaps last year’s training had more holes than I remember?

After about 10 miles my knee was niggling and my hip pulling but I was so happy to still be moving forwards and too busy focusing on checking for any pain in my calf that I discounted my hip and knee pains as not being important!  Niggles that I should be really be watching out for over the next few weeks; fingers crossed there are not any issues waiting to happen.

Next weekend is the dreaded Spen 20, 1365 ft of ascent over 20 gruelling miles! I actually quite enjoyed this one last year – until the last few miles, finishing in under 3 hours; I was a lot fitter then! I’m not sure what to aim for this time round, it feels more daunting as I now know what to expect whereas last year I knew it was hilly, I just didn’t realise how hilly! I think going in blind has its advantages! This year however I have been doing a lot more hill work, well I had until it all went wrong,  so I’m hoping that will work in my favour! Maybe…

RunHelenRun Blackpool Prom Long Run Sunday


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