London Marathon: The final countdown begins…

After two weeks of supporting, marshalling, cheering and generally jumping up and down and waving my arms around, it’s almost my turn. I’m scared, excited and giddy all at the same time!

Today Jim and I are travelling down to London for the Marathon; today is all about the expo and picking my number up whilst trying not to spend too much! On Saturday Mum and Lucas, my (almost) three year old nephew, arrive. The plan is to take him to see the changing of the guard, followed by a picnic in the park, weather permitting. Then Sunday’s the big day! Eeeek!

Packing and planning has turn into a mammoth task in itself, trying to make sure I don’t forget something important and working out how to get to the start. I keep remembering things I might have forgotten and have to start routing through my bags on the train!

I’m trying not to worry too much about pacing and times and PBs, my original goal was to get a Good For Age time of 3.45 however after everything that’s happened this year I’d happily settle with sub 4 hours (fingers crossed). I’m not planning on running London next year anyway so Good for Age isn’t really necessary anyway….

We received the bad news yesterday that my last two Manchester marathon times no longer count, including my current PB of 3.51 set last April. I’m trying not to dwell on this too much and focus on positive thoughts about Sunday. I’m sure I will end up writing a blog post on this at some point but not one to worry about today.

What annoys me the most about the marathon is how months and months of training can all be wasted at the last minute by something small messing everything up like a cold or stomach bug. I’ve been overly cautious this week and have probably gone through half a bottle of hand gel in just a few days!

Anyway here’s a roundup of the last few weeks non running, running activities!

A massive amount of STAC’ies ran Manchester marathon two weeks ago – A coach load of us, to be exact, travelled across to Manchester to run or support the marathon.

We took our supporting duties very seriously, jumping and shouting at every STAC that passed us.

Everyone did really well and it was a great day out, it didn’t do much to calm my nerves for London however!

Fast forward to the following weekend and this time I was marshalling at Vale of York 10 miles. The main part of my duties involved telling angry drivers that the road was closed and they couldn’t come past, I heard some very interesting language that morning! There was lots of expert marshalling from the St. Theresa’s crew there that morning, all sporting our club’s own stylish high Viz vests.


Straight after Vale of York we headed over to Temple Newsam, where yet more STACies, including Jim, were running the Grim Up North full and half trail marathon. The course looked really tough and the laps must have taken quite a lot of mental strength to keep going round and round!

Jim finished in third place in the half marathon and Jess third lady in the marathon. There were also some great performances for Mark, Lynn, Wayne and Stuart.

I didn’t take many photos but here are just a few…




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