London Marathon 2016

The London marathon 2016, where to start… this was certainly a run of contradictions, I both hated and loved this run. I am both disappointed and proud of myself. I cried out of sheer dispear and smiled more than I have in any other race.

I’ve left writting this post so long that I don’t really know what to say anymore! So here’s a really brief round up before I let the all important photos do the talking.

I finished the London marathon 2016 in 4 hours and 18 minutes, not my quickest by a very long shot but the important part is that I finished, especially since there was a point, sitting in the hospital in the middle of the night 3 months ago, when I didn’t think I’d make it to the start.

The race was tough from the start, not helped by the frustrating stop/start/run/jog/walk for the first 2 miles. I remember it being hard to get moving last time I ran it in 2013 but I don’t remember it being quite that bad!

My knees didn’t feel right, my hips didn’t feel right and I started to lose feeling in my left foot around mile 15, and at 20 miles when I spotted the St. John’s tent I lost mental resolve too. Sat on the floor inside the tent with my foot up on a chair trying to get circulation back, trying and failing at not crying, I honestly didn’t know whether I actually wanted to finish.

15/20 minutes later – I’m not sure exactly as my Garmin had packed in around mile 18, I dragged myself up and set off to finish the last 6 miles, I was really surprised how much better my body felt after my little rest and without the pressure of my target time weighing me down. I ran all of the last 6 miles, albeit a little slower than I wanted, with a big smile on my face, waving at the crowds as they shouted my name and words of encouragement, and in turn shouting cheering the other runners coming up the road in the other direction with a long way yet to go.

It was the best, most enjoyable, last 6 miles of a race I have ever ran.

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed with my time as I know I can and have run better.

As much as I loved (and hated) the London Marathon I have decided not to enter the ballot for next year, if a spring marathon is on the cards then I will be going for one a lot smaller and quieter!



runhelenrun Pre VLM1 runhelenrun Pre VLM2 runhelenrun vlm16 expo 1 runhelenrun vlm16 expo 2 runhelenrun vlm16 expo 3  runhelenrun vlm16 expo 5





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