Banana splits

What do you call two banana skins? A pair of slippers…!

Hello everyone,

I have something to tell you, let me explain from the start…

Jim and I are very similar in some ways and very different in others, we both seem to come up with crazy ideas, however Jim is a lot more laid back than me, I’m more…. Well I know how he would describe it…! However despite our differences it’s our similarities that get us into the most trouble….

runhelenrun Helen and Jim

Last year Jim and I ran a 70 mile (113km) ultra-marathon raising money for Cave Rescue and wanted to find another way to support them again this year. On top of this I was also feeling a little deflated after all the training that went into London and the anti-climax that brought with it. We needed a new challenge but this time something fun… something different….

RunHelenRun Grim Reaper Ultra

Jim and I have decided to run the canal canter marathon on 3rd July, the problem is we have both run multiple marathons so it’s not easy to inspire people to sponsor you to do something you already love! So we have come up with a way to make this marathon a little different, harder and a lot hotter! We want to run it dressed at giant bananas…

What kind of idiot runs a marathon during one of the hottest months or the year, never mind being dressed in a giant foam banana costume?

These two idiots it would appear…

runhelenrun Banana TV

Why bananas you might ask? Well Jim ended up running a few fell races dressed as a banana earlier this year including Auld Lang Syne and the bunny runs. He has become quite synonymous with the banana costume now! So it seemed like the obvious choice!

So when I say it’s our similarities that get us into the most trouble, I think had we been a little more different an idea like this would have been laughed off or forgotten about but alas we are not and this is actually going to happen…..

We would appreciate any support we can get! Here is our sponsorship page:

Why Cave Rescue? Luckily we have never had to use the services of the Cave rescue ourselves (apart from a small incident at Ingleborough marathon that we don’t talk about… Jim…) However we have been out on the 3 peaks when the weather has taken a sudden turn for the worst and during less that ideal conditions in which less experienced walkers could find themselves in trouble. The Cave rescue do an important job in ensuring peoples safety in the dales and supporting all the 3 peaks challenge walkers raising money for other charities.

The CRO is a charity run by volunteers, and depends on public donations for its finance.
The CRO normally undertakes over 50 incidents per year, the majority of which are to help walkers in the Yorkshire Dales. CRO is also one of the UK’s most specialist rescue teams, often working in challenging conditions.

We appreciate that everyone is fund raising for something when you know so many runners so we are hoping to be able to throw in a few competitions and non-traditional bucket rattling ‘give us ya money’ type tactics!

We are also selling Cave rescue ‘neckers’ (Buffs to you and I, just like a vacuum is more likely to be called a Hoover) these are just £10 each modelled by the banana below! Just let Jim or I know if you would like to purchase one.

We are hoping to run a park run soon in our banana outfits to give them a test run and create a bit more awareness for our silly idea.

We are aware that the canal canter falls on the same day as Eccup 10, a great race which I ran last year and also a club race, however we wanted to pick a good, local marathon that was quite low profile and on the smaller scale so not to cause too much havoc with our silly plans. We would love it however if any of you could pop over, afterwards if you are running elsewhere to support us on the last few miles and help us celebrate at the end of course!

Here’s a link to more information about the event GRIM UP NORTH RUNNING

What do you call a pair of runners in banana costumes? Idiots?


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