Decathlon Energy Bar Generator! (Gluten free too!)

I have a little friday, running nutrition treat for you…! I often get asked about different alternatives to energy gels, for longer endurance events such as marathons and ultras; I have recently found a really fun tool to help you come up with different recipe ideas for energy bars to try out.

The Decathlon Energy Bar Generator!

Runhelenrun - Decathalon Energy Bar Generator

All you need to do is pick your sport, intensity level, favourite ingredients and whether you would like it to be gluten free or not and the generator comes up with a simple recipe for you to follow. It’s like magic!

Don’t forget to try your recipes out on during your training sessions before taking to your big event!

Why not post your favourite ones in the comments below or on the RunHelenRun Facebook page, or tweet @runhelenrun or instagram @Run_Helen_Run. 

Here’s one of my favourite recipes I have generated so far. I think I might have a go at making some this weekend.

Gluten Free Strawberry, Blueberry and Almond bar: 

Runhelenrun - EBG Recipe Berries and NutsRunhelenrun - EBG Ingredients Berries and Nuts.PNGMRunhelenrun - EBG Instructions Berries and Nuts


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