Marathon Nutrition Reviews: Gels, Shots, blocks and Sweets

Gels and sport nutrition energy supplements are not always the tastiest or most pleasant thing to consume however neither is a three course meal practical to carry round and digest on a long run!

In my quest to find my favourite long run energy source I have tired a wide variety of options from gels, to shots to jelly beans and sports drinks. Here is my review of the good the bad and the downright disgusting!

I’ll be adding more products over the next few weeks so please keep checking back!

Science in Sport SIS isotonic variety pack

‘SiS GO Isotonic Gels are designed to be consumed without water, meaning that you can ensure rapid delivery of carbohydrates to your muscles without the feeling of being bloated that can sometimes occur with over-drinking.’

SiS GO Isotonic Gel Apple 60ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Lemon & Lime x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Orange 60ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Blackcurrant 60ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Tropical 60ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Pineapple 60ml x 1
SiS GO Isotonic Gel Pink Grapefruit 60ml x 1

Nut, dairy and Gluten Free. Vegan friendly

RunhelenRun SIS Nutrition

These gels are a clear favourite for me so far, they are isotonic so you don’t need to take them with water, they taste actually quite good – with the exception of the orange and Pink Grapefruit – Personally I’m not as keen on those two!

The variety pack is a great chance to try a few different flavours, I quite like the surprise of not knowing which one I will pull out of my bag next!

Pro’s – Easy to consume – not sticky – unless you squirt is all over yourself!

The negatives are that they are quite bulky, the isotonic version of gels tend to be, which makes for carting 4 around a marathon a little challenging and more than a shorts pocket is required!

Also it can be quite tricky to make sure you don’t litter when pulling the tab off the top to open!


More coming soon…