Why plank?

The plank is a great exercise for runners! As a runner it’s important to have a strong core; a strong core helps you to maintain an upright posture when running, which in turn improves your running efficiency!

Start with 10 seconds every other day and build by adding an extra 10 to each plank seconds every week.

How to plank!

Hold yourself up on your forearms and toes/balls of your feet,  your feet should be no more than hip distance apart and arms shoulder distance apart.  Make sure your back is straight and your abdominal muscles are engaged. Keep your shoulders directly above the elbows and don’t let the hips drop towards the floor or your bottom stick up in the air! Remember to breathe throughout.


Do keep the should directly above the elbows

Don’t forget to breathe normally! Holding your breath won’t help!

Do keep your back straight!

Don’t stick your bottom in the air!

Do smile! It makes it easier I promise!

Do try to keep holding the position even when it gets tough. It will be worth it!

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